Big Bratz Crazy Karaoke

Feedsee Toys : Big Bratz Crazy Karaoke : Sing along with included microphone while doll sings and dances to songs from the movie

Bratz KaraokeSing along with the Bratz Big Babyz for the coolest karaoke experience ever. Available in four collectible styles, each girl sings five songs from the Bratz Babyz DVD and includes a karaoke microphone so you can perform right along with her. Stylish and sassy, Yasmin is a star performer. Watch her sing and dance to the rhythm as the music plays. She features manicured fingers and toes and measures over a foot tall. The Bratz dolls sing and dance to the rhythm of the music. Five of the included songs are straight from the Bratz Babyz DVD Movie.

Karaoke is a delightful activity that resonates with people of all ages, including young children. Even before they can read or fully understand lyrics, children are naturally drawn to music and rhythm. Karaoke provides them with an opportunity to express themselves, experiment with sounds, and mimic their favorite songs. The colorful visuals, catchy tunes, and the joy of holding a microphone can make them feel like little stars. Additionally, karaoke can aid in developing a child's memory and listening skills as they try to remember and sing along to familiar parts of songs. The repetitive nature of many children's songs also makes it easier for them to join in. Furthermore, singing boosts confidence, encourages creativity, and is a fun way for children to practice language and speech. With the right selection of age-appropriate songs, even the youngest children can partake in the joy of karaoke and experience the thrill of musical expression.