Creepy Crawlers Bug Maker

Feedsee Toys : Creepy Crawlers Bug Maker : Insect making kit comes with molds, oven, goop, and cooling tray

Bug MakerCreepy Crawler oven bug-making kit comes with five goops, mold, and glow-in-the-dark liquid. Make and decorate your own creepy bugs. Ooze the goop into the mold plates, place the mold into the oven, then hatch a batch of colorful critters. Kit includes a Creepy Crawler oven, five bottles of plastic goop, detailing pen, four detailing tips, two themed molds, double-use spatula, cooling tray, pick for pulling the bugs out of the cooling trays, and two storage trays. Bug maker creates over a hundred scary and fun toy bugs.

Toys that allow kids to create bugs from molds offer a unique hands-on experience, merging the worlds of art, science, and play. As children pour, mold, and observe their bug creations, they get a close-up view of the intricate details, shapes, and patterns that real insects possess. This process encourages curiosity and prompts questions about the anatomy, behavior, and role of insects in our ecosystem. By crafting their own bugs, children can develop a sense of pride and ownership, which can translate into a greater respect and appreciation for real insects. The act of molding also provides an opportunity for educators and parents to share fascinating facts and stories about different insect species, their habitats, and their contributions to the environment. Over time, this hands-on interaction and knowledge acquisition can replace common misconceptions or fears with admiration and a genuine interest in the world of insects.