Cabbage Patch Kids Babies

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Cabbage BabiesCabbage Patch Babies are just like Cabbage Patch Kids, except in a cuddly newborn size. Each adorable baby is dressed in a knit outfit with booties, cap and blanket to keep them warm. Just like Cabbage Patch Kids, no two Cabbage Patch Babies are alike. Children will experience the magic of providing for a new-born doll with the help of a series of realistic accessories for baby doll; all come dressed in a special outfit with a real diaper, baby bonnet and two fun playthings, such as a blanket, baby bottle, rattle, or pacifier.

Cabbage Patch Kids are a line of dolls that were first created in the 1970s by American art student Xavier Roberts. The dolls were originally called "Little People" and were each handmade by Roberts. In the early 1980s, the dolls were mass-produced and became a popular toy for children. The dolls were known for their unique look, with each one having a different face and hairstyle. They also came with a birth certificate and adoption papers, which added to their appeal. Cabbage Patch Kids were so popular that they inspired a television show, as well as a movie and several other spin-off products. Today, the dolls are still sold and collected by many people.