Dora's Talking Cash Register

Feedsee Toys : Dora's Talking Cash Register : Help Dora the Explorer shop by scanning barcodes on price tags or in the adventure book

Cash RegisterDora's Talking Cash Register comes to life with shopping adventures and bilingual phrases. Little explorers learn the value of money and how to count while helping Dora shop by scanning barcodes that are on the included price tags or in the adventure book. When it's time to pay, kids can use Dora dollars, or swipe their Dora credit card. This toy cash register also includes a microphone, credit card signature tablet and three dress-up pieces that kids can wear. Ages 3 and up.

A play cash register is an excellent educational toy that introduces children to basic financial concepts and arithmetic in a fun and interactive way. By playing "store" or "bank", children can practice counting money, making change, and understanding the value of different denominations, be it coins or paper bills. The tactile experience of handling play money helps reinforce the differences between various coins and bills, aiding in recognition and differentiation. Additionally, the act of pressing the keys on the register to input amounts and calculate totals introduces kids to simple math operations. Role-playing as a cashier or a shopper also enhances their social skills, as they learn to interact, negotiate, and make transactions. Furthermore, it instills a sense of responsibility and the importance of honesty in financial dealings. Overall, a play cash register offers a hands-on learning experience, preparing children for real-world money management and fostering a healthy understanding of finances from a young age.