Chat Now Communicator

Feedsee Toys : Chat Now Communicator : Text message, take pictures, and stay in touch within a zero to two mile range

Chat NowChatNow is a handheld communicator with a slide-out keypad that lets you chat with or text your friends from up to two miles away. Take pictures of your friends with the built-in digital camera and add them to your personal buddy list. Get some of the features of a cell phone for kids without the fees, bills, or minutes to watch. Screen savers, saved buddy photos, and ten different ring tones are accessed with the easy-to-use controls, slide-out keypad and the push-to-talk button. So turn it on, slide it out and get talking on a device that has many more features than a walkie-talkie.

Walkie-talkies are a timeless toy that never ceases to captivate the imagination of children. These handheld communication devices offer kids a sense of adventure and independence, allowing them to communicate over distances without the need for modern technology like cell phones. Whether playing "cops and robbers", embarking on a backyard treasure hunt, or simply chatting from different rooms in the house, walkie-talkies enhance playtime with a layer of excitement and realism. They foster teamwork and cooperation, as children learn to coordinate and strategize with their playmates. Additionally, walkie-talkies introduce kids to basic radio communication concepts and etiquette, such as waiting for a message to finish before responding or using code words. The tactile experience of pressing buttons and adjusting channels, combined with the thrill of hearing a voice from afar, makes walkie-talkies a unique and engaging gift. They not only promote outdoor play and exploration but also encourage creativity, problem-solving, and social interaction among peers.