Command Force Chopper Patrol Micro Series

Feedsee Toys : Command Force Chopper Patrol Micro Series : Battery operated toy helicopter flys with throttle and pitch control

Command Force PatrolBattery operated helicopter really flys with throttle and pitch control: hover, forward, reverse, climb and descend. Helicopter can pick up accessories and drop them off. Set included pick up accessories. Take command of throttle and pitch control with this Apache military helicopter set. Modeled after a real Apache helicopter. Helicopter can go forward, reverse, hover, climb and descend Features roaring engine sounds Includes miniature crates that you can pick up and drop off. Light up control. Display flashing air traffic strobe light. Helicopter is tethered to detailed battlefield for added safety. Take to the skies with a micro toy helicopter.

Imagine the thrill of piloting a helicopter, even if it's just a toy. The tethered micro toy helicopter offers children (and adults alike) a unique blend of excitement, challenge, and wonder. Being tethered means that while the helicopter can ascend, descend, and spin, it remains attached to a base or controller, making it perfect for indoor use and reducing the risk of it getting lost or stuck in high places.

The compact size of the micro helicopter makes it nimble and agile, allowing for quick maneuvers and responsive controls. As children guide the helicopter up and down, they get a firsthand experience of aerodynamics and the principles of flight. The spinning rotor blades, the hum of the motor, and the challenge of controlling the helicopter's movements all combine to create a captivating play experience.

Moreover, the tethered design ensures a level of safety, as the helicopter's range is limited, reducing potential breakage or damage to household items. It also provides an opportunity for children to develop hand-eye coordination, patience, and precision. The LED lights and realistic sound effects further enhance the play experience, making the tethered micro toy helicopter not just a toy, but an adventure waiting to be had, right in the comfort of one's home.