Criss Cross Track Set

Feedsee Toys : Criss Cross Track Set : Mattel Hot Wheels track with ten cars and motorized boosters

Criss CrossThe Hot Wheels Criss Cross Track Set challenges kids to the ultimate, high-risk racing action. Kids line up any of the ten included Hot Wheels cars and let them rip through hairpin turns on more than thirteen feet of track. As the cars race towards the motorized boosters, they'll either wipe out or narrowly miss. Ages 5 and up.

For decades, Hot Wheels has been synonymous with speed, adventure, and imagination, and their track sets with motorized boosters elevate this experience to a whole new level. These boosters, powered by batteries, provide an added element of excitement by propelling the cars at high speeds, ensuring continuous action and allowing for impressive stunts and long-lasting races.

The motorized boosters are not just about speed; they introduce a challenge and strategy to the play. Children can experiment with the right amount of momentum needed to complete loops, jumps, and other daring stunts without flying off the track. This trial and error process not only enhances their understanding of basic physics principles like gravity, friction, and momentum but also hones their problem-solving skills.

Furthermore, the roaring sound of the boosters and the blur of the cars zooming past adds a sensory thrill, making the play experience more immersive. The versatility of these track sets, combined with the boosters, allows kids to customize and expand their tracks, fostering creativity and engineering skills. In essence, Hot Wheels track sets with motorized boosters offer a perfect blend of fun, learning, and challenge, making them a perennial favorite among kids and collectors alike.