Cybertron Primus Unleashed

Feedsee Toys : Cybertron Primus Unleashed : Giant transformers robot changes into a planet with detailed cities

CybertronWith the Transformers Cybertron Primus with Unicron Head, the creator of the Transformers, Primus, changes from a giant robot to the homeworld of the robots in disguise, complete with cities and tons of little details from twenty years of Transformers history. Change the Primus action figure from mighty Cybertron protector to battle station. Omega Lock and Cyber Planet Key activate cool features, including power-up lights and sounds.

In the Transformers lore, Primus is the creator deity and the living core of the Transformers' home planet, Cybertron. Often depicted as the antithesis to the malevolent Unicron, the planet-eating transformer, Primus is the benevolent force responsible for the birth of the Transformer race.

According to the mythos, Primus and Unicron were ancient enemies, representing opposite cosmic forces. While Unicron embodies chaos, destruction, and consumption, Primus stands for creation, life, and order. To combat the threat of Unicron, Primus transformed himself into the planet Cybertron and birthed the Transformers as his defenders. These beings were created with the ability to transform, a gift from their creator, allowing them to adapt and battle against various threats, especially Unicron.

Throughout different iterations of the Transformers story, whether in comics, animated series, or other media, the legend of Primus remains a foundational element, emphasizing the eternal struggle between good and evil, creation and destruction. His legacy is also evident in the Matrix of Leadership, a powerful artifact often held by the Autobot leaders, which is said to contain a piece of Primus' own life force.