Doodle Bear Magic Glow

Feedsee Toys : Doodle Bear Magic Glow : Doodle in the dark with a Magic Glow Light Pen - watch the doodles magically appear

Doodle Bear MagicMagic Glow Doodle Bear takes the fun of doodling to the next level. Magic Glow Doodle Bear let's you doodle 2 ways in 1 - in the light and in the dark. Doodle in the light with 2 different bright colored washable markers. Doodle in the dark with a Magic Glow Light Pen - watch the doodles magically appear. Doodle Bear comes with a Magic Glow Light Pen and 2 washable markers Comes in 3 styles: Penny is Pink, Drew is Lavender and Artie is blue. Doodle Bears are machine and hand washable so they can be doodled on - over and over again.

Imagine having a cuddly teddy bear that's not just for hugging, but also for drawing and expressing creativity. The Doodle Bear offers just that experience. With washable markers in hand, children can let their imaginations run wild, doodling designs, patterns, and even writing messages directly onto the bear's soft fabric. Every stroke of color brings the bear to life in a new and personalized way.

What's even more exciting is that the Doodle Bear isn't a one-time canvas. Once a child has finished their masterpiece, the bear can be washed, returning it to a blank slate, ready for the next round of artistic adventures. This feature not only encourages repeated play but also allows children to experiment without fear of making mistakes. They can try out new designs, practice drawing skills, or simply enjoy the tactile sensation of drawing on a plush surface.

The freedom to doodle without boundaries, combined with the comforting presence of a teddy bear, makes the Doodle Bear a unique and delightful toy. It bridges the gap between art and play, allowing children to express themselves in a fun and carefree manner.