Doodle Girls Party Mix

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Doodle MixDoodles on your doll. Give this draw-on doll wild styles, cool makeovers and unique jewelry. To start over, just toss her in the washer, and she comes out clean. Includes two washable markers, fashion outfit and poster. Three color mixer markers with each Doodle Girl. Each doll comes with her own name, personality, and fashionable outfit. Trendy hot fashions, cool hair styles and hip accessories can be doodled on with washable markers to get these girls ready for the party.

Imagine giving a child the power to transform their doll into a canvas, where they can unleash their inner hairstylist and fashion designer. Doodling hair styles and accessories on dolls with washable markers is a delightful and imaginative activity that offers just that. Every child has, at some point, dreamt of styling hair, experimenting with vibrant colors, and adding unique accessories. These markers make those dreams come alive.

With every stroke, children can create trendy hairstyles, from rainbow-colored streaks to intricate braids and patterns. The freedom to change and redesign allows them to experiment without fear, knowing that any "mistake" can be washed away. This encourages creativity and boosts confidence, as they can keep refining their designs until they achieve their envisioned look.

Adding accessories like tiaras, hats, or jewelry elevates the fun. It's not just about the hair; it's about creating a complete look that tells a story. Perhaps today, the doll is a rockstar with a funky hairdo, and tomorrow, she might be a princess with elegant curls adorned with jewels. The possibilities are endless.

This interactive play also fosters a sense of ownership and pride. When children see their creations come to life, it instills a sense of accomplishment. Moreover, the washable nature of the markers ensures that the fun never stops. Once they're done with one design, they can simply wash it off and start all over again, ensuring hours of endless creativity and joy.