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Feedsee Toys : Door Slammers Electronic Games : Turn your room into a sports arena with baseball, football, and basketball impact recognition

Door Slammers

Electronic mat hooks over your door, turning your room into a playing field. The LED scoreboard displays your score as sportscaster commentary and sound effects react to each move, putting you in the game. Door Slammers Baseball pitching game gives announcer commentary and makes baseball game sounds; six embedded sensors judge pitching accuracy. Tracks strikes and balls. Door Slammers Football passing game makes football game sounds as sensors judge passing accuracy. Keeps track of the down and the player's position on the field. Door Slammers Basketball makes basketball game sounds as accuracy of shots is tracked. Make as many baskets as possible before the buzzer sounds.

Imagine transforming an ordinary door into a dynamic sports arena right within the comfort of one's home. Door Slammers ingeniously make this possible, allowing children and even adults to experience the thrill of baseball, football, and basketball without stepping outside. These mats, equipped with electronic sensors, hang on doors and bring the excitement of outdoor games indoors, making them perfect for days when the weather isn't cooperative or when there's limited space to play.

Each swing, throw, or shot is detected by the sensors, providing real-time feedback and scores, much like an actual game. This interactive feature not only adds a competitive edge but also enhances the player's skills by challenging them to aim better and score higher. The electronic component also means that players can enjoy various game modes, levels of difficulty, and even sound effects, further elevating the indoor sports experience.

Door Slammers also promote physical activity, ensuring that children remain active even when indoors. Instead of being glued to screens, they are up and moving, practicing their throws or shots, and improving their hand-eye coordination. Plus, it's a fantastic way for family and friends to bond, as they can form teams and engage in friendly competitions right in the living room or bedroom.

Door Slammers offer a unique blend of technology and traditional sports, making indoor play as exhilarating as playing in an actual field or court. It's a testament to how innovation can adapt and bring the joys of outdoor activities into our homes, ensuring fun, fitness, and entertainment are always within reach.