Barbie 3-story Dream House Set

Feedsee Toys : Barbie 3-story Dream House Set : Dollhouse playset from Mattel features realistic sounds and ample room

Dream HouseBarbie's three-story dream house is over three feet tall and fully furnished. Realistic sounds include a stove that sizzles, a doorbell, and a flushing toilet. The gourmet-style kitchen has plenty of storage and comes with all the popular conveniences. The grand entrance with its dramatic winding staircase opens up to rooms for entertaining friends or just relaxing. The dollhouse comes furnished with over sixty pieces of Barbie doll furniture and accessories.

The Barbie Dream House is a large dollhouse designed for Barbie dolls, produced by the toy company Mattel. The design, features, and accessories of the Barbie Dream House have evolved over the years, reflecting contemporary trends in architecture, interior design, and technology.

A typical Barbie Dream House model is a three-story, multiple-room playset with a variety of features that may include:

  1. Multiple Rooms: These often include a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, dining room, and even a home office. Some versions also have a garage, a balcony, or a pool.
  2. Furniture and Accessories: The house typically comes with a range of plastic furniture and accessories, such as a dining table and chairs, a bed, a bathtub, and kitchen appliances. In some models, these pieces are designed with "smart" features, such as lights, sound, and motion.
  3. Elevator: Many Barbie Dream House models include a manually operated elevator that can move between floors.
  4. Realistic Details: Depending on the model, the Dream House may have realistic architectural details, such as working doors and windows, wallpaper, and tiled floors. Some models also include interactive features like a flushing toilet, light-up oven, and a television that can "play" different channels.
  5. Assembly: The Barbie Dream House typically requires assembly, but it usually designed to be easy to put together and take apart for storage or transport. Instructions are generally included.

The exact features and design of the Barbie Dream House can vary significantly between different models and generations. The Barbie Dream House has been a staple toy in the Barbie line since the 1960s, and its design has evolved over the decades to reflect changing tastes and technologies. It is often seen as a dream home for Barbie, providing a backdrop for endless imaginative play scenarios.