Spy Gear Eye Link Communicators X2

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Eye LinkSend silent text messages to friends. Type into adjustable armband transmitter and hit send. Messages appear digitally before your eye. Transmits up to two hundred feet away and works through walls. Includes two transmitters and two headsets. Put on the headset display and use the arm-mounted keypad to transmit secret messages. The ultimate in high-tech communication, Eye-Link Communicators are the first headset display text-based communications devices. Each package comes with two heads-up digital displays and two keyboard transmitter/receivers.

The story behind Wild Planet

Wild Planet Entertainment is a company known for its innovative toys that encourage active, engaging play. The company was founded in 1993 and is based in San Francisco, California.

One of Wild Planet's guiding philosophies is to create toys that are not only fun but also stimulate creativity and curiosity in children. This has resulted in a wide range of toys, from spy gear and outdoor exploration equipment to craft kits and interactive stuffed animals.

Among its many offerings, Wild Planet is particularly recognized for its Spy Gear line. These toys, including night vision goggles, audio surveillance equipment, and other spy-themed gadgets, allow kids to engage in imaginative play as secret agents.