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Giga Pets ExplorerGet ready to explore the latest toy in the virtual pet craze with the Giga Pets Explorer TV Game. This game transports kids to the Giga World, where players explore multiple locations, go on missions and even solve the Giga mystery. Including a TV game with three pets -- a playful pooch, a fun-loving chimp and an adventurous panda -- and a handheld game with a pet hamster, kids take their pets on an adventure where they meet other characters, collect unique items and customize their homes and personalities.

Virtual Pet Craze

In the mid to late 1990s, the world witnessed a unique phenomenon known as the virtual pet craze. This trend was characterized by the immense popularity of digital pets, small electronic devices that allowed users to care for and nurture virtual animals. The most iconic of these devices was the "Tamagotchi," introduced by Bandai in 1996. These pocket-sized gadgets featured a small screen displaying an animated creature that users had to feed, play with, clean, and even discipline to ensure its well-being.

Several factors contributed to the appeal of virtual pets:

The virtual pet craze also paved the way for various spin-offs and competitors, with many companies releasing their own versions of digital companions. While the intense popularity of virtual pets eventually waned, they left a lasting impact on popular culture and set the stage for future innovations in interactive and digital toys. Today, the legacy of the virtual pet craze can be seen in various apps and games that allow users to care for digital creatures, proving that the allure of virtual companionship remains strong.