Girl Crush Hair Beader

Feedsee Toys : Girl Crush Hair Beader : Create unique hairstyles with this easy-to-use fashion tool

Hair BeaderCreate your own unique hairstyles with the Girl Crush Hair Beader. Using the beading tool is simple: simply choose which beads you'll use, load them into the device and pull the trigger. The beads slide onto your hair like magic and stay in place with an easy-close clasp. At slumber parties, you can make matching strands to show off at school. Set includes hair beader, one hundred assorted beads, fifteen clasps, a stylish case to store your supplies and instructions. The easy-to-use hair beader tool uses almost any size beads.

A hair beading kit can elevate the fun and bonding experience at a sleepover, turning it into a memorable night of creativity, self-expression, and shared experiences. Here's how:

A hair beading kit not only adds a touch of glam to a sleepover but also strengthens friendships, encourages creativity, and ensures a night filled with laughter and bonding.