Hug and Heal Pet Doctor Puppy

Feedsee Toys : Hug and Heal Pet Doctor Puppy : Interactive Barbie doll pet with switches to activate different toy dog sounds

Hug Heal Pet DoctorInteractive pet with pressure-sensitive switches in head, back and all paws to activate different exciting dog sounds. Realistic dog sounds such as barking, panting, yelping and chewing. Includes a carrying bag to store doggy and accessories. Includes carrying bag, stethoscope, thermometer, milk bottle, bone, certificate, and prescription pad. This adorable little puppy needs love, and with the Hug and Heal Pet Doctor Kit, you have the tools to help. Use your vet kit to make sure he's feeling his frisky best, then tuck him in the sturdy carry-all bag and take him with you wherever you go. He'll respond to your attention like a real pet.

A veterinarian playset, complete with tools like a play stethoscope, thermometer, and prescription pad, can be a powerful tool in sparking a child's interest in animal care. Here's how:

A veterinarian playset not only offers fun and entertainment but also plants the seeds of compassion, curiosity, and understanding of the veterinary profession. It provides children with a glimpse into the world of animal care, potentially guiding them towards a fulfilling career in the future.