Feedsee Toys : iDog : Robotic dog plays music through his built-in speaker

iDogRobotic dog moves and grooves to the beat. Expressive face with seven multicolored lights. Pleasing design details. Player works with most portable music devices. Communicates through fun flashing lights, movement, and sounds. Feed him your favorite tunes and watch him respond. Moods change with type and amount of music it hears. Flashing LED lights change with the type of music played. Dual connector cable included.

Evolution of Robotic Dogs

Robotic dogs have undergone significant advancements since their inception, evolving from simple toys to sophisticated machines with a myriad of functionalities. Here's a look at how they have improved over the years:

The journey of robotic dogs mirrors the broader trajectory of technological evolution. From basic mechanical toys, they have transformed into advanced, interactive companions, showcasing the potential of robotics and AI in creating lifelike and functional machines.