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Feedsee Toys : Interactive Doll : Darla from You and Me cries and giggles like a real baby

Interactive DollDarla is the interactive doll that responds to touch just like a real baby. Kids can wake Darla by touching her tummy and then cradle her to sleep. Darla will even call out for her Ma Ma, cry, and giggle just like a real baby. Kids can use the included bottle to hear realistic feeding sounds. Ages 2 and up.

Interactive dolls, often designed to mimic real-life behaviors such as eating, sleeping, or needing a diaper change, can introduce children to the concept of care and responsibility. Children learn that these dolls have needs that must be met, much like a real baby or pet. By feeding, changing, or soothing the doll, children practice nurturing behaviors, learn about routines, and begin to understand the concept of responsibility. In addition to encouraging empathetic behavior, this form of play also fosters problem-solving skills as children figure out what the doll needs and how to provide it. Thus, interactive dolls not only provide entertainment but also offer valuable life lessons in a safe and playful environment.