Learn Through Music Plus

Feedsee Toys : Learn Through Music Plus : Sing-along interactive learning system

Learn Through MusicSing-along interactive learning system helps teach preschoolers fundamental lessons through music. Interactive learning activities and games teach fundamentals through rhythm, rhyme, and repetition. Record-and-play with three modes of play: identification, quiz, and music. Light-up touch-screen and volume control. The learning cartridge progresses through various basic learning lessons. Music will play and the child can scroll through fifteen different screens by pressing the arrow buttons. Each screen uses a song, rhyme, or rap to teach a lesson relating to the picture.

Music and Learning

Music, with its unique combination of rhythm, rhyme, and repetition, has been a powerful tool for enhancing learning and memory for centuries. Here's how these musical elements reinforce learning:

Music stimulates multiple areas of the brain simultaneously, including those responsible for emotion, sensory processing, and memory. This multi-sensory engagement means that information set to music can be stored in various parts of the brain, making it more accessible and easier to recall. As a result, educators and parents often use music as a tool to introduce new concepts, enhance memory, and make learning a more enjoyable and impactful experience.