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Loving LicksLove and Licks puppies are cuddly companions who will never want to leave your side. When you pat their heads and rub their bellies, they respond to your love and attention by getting more and more excited. Their tails move faster, they kick their hind legs, and start to bark louder and louder. And when they are truly happy, the robotic dogs give you a big wet kiss. When your dog is excited, its tail wags faster, and it barks lounder. Place your plush puppy's face by yours and you get a wet kiss.

Appeal of Robotic Dogs for Children

Robotic dogs have captured the imagination and hearts of children worldwide. Here's why these mechanical companions are so beloved:

In essence, robotic dogs combine the allure of technology with the timeless appeal of man's best friend, offering children a unique and captivating play experience.