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Magic TouchCabbage Patch Kids Magic Touch Color Silk are the only dolls that combine the magic of color change with the uniqueness of being one of a kind. Each Cabbage Patch doll comes with two dfferent Magic Touch Colors that will change to two completely different colors. Girls can magically transform and create new hair colors and styles with the touch of their fingers and with the use of their magic brush. New faces, hairstyles, and fashions make the classic dolls special.

Originating in the early 1980s, Cabbage Patch Kids became one of the most iconic and sought-after toy lines of the decade. These distinctively chubby-cheeked dolls, each with its own unique name and birth certificate, captured the hearts of children and collectors alike. The backstory, which claimed that the dolls were "born" from cabbage plants, added to their charm and mystique. Beyond their adorable appearances, Cabbage Patch Kids were celebrated for promoting adoption, as each owner was said to "adopt" their doll rather than purchase it. The immense popularity of these dolls led to widespread commercial success, with many parents even waiting in long lines during the holiday season to ensure they could bring one home. Over the years, while many toy trends have come and gone, Cabbage Patch Kids have maintained a cherished place in toy history and continue to be beloved by new generations.