Mega Magtastik

Feedsee Toys : Mega Magtastik : Magtastic magnetic activity system

MagtastikThe Magtastik Jumbo Tub includes pieces that harness magnetic power so preschoolers can create and build fun, simple shapes. Take Magnetix to a whole new level. The Magtastik Dream Set is brimming with building possibilities. Children can construct fun shapes, structures and characters using an assortment of magnetic pieces. Magnetic power promotes creative building, giving kids endless building options. Includes twelve spheres and twenty rods.

Magnetic building blocks are a revolutionary twist on traditional building toys, seamlessly blending the wonders of magnetism with the joys of construction. The inherent properties of magnets – attraction and repulsion – introduce a new dimension to building, allowing children to connect blocks in ways that were previously impossible with standard building sets. This magnetic connection not only ensures stability but also offers flexibility, enabling children to craft curved structures, 3D patterns, and even intricate designs that defy gravity. The ease with which the blocks can be rearranged encourages experimentation, fostering creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Moreover, the tactile feedback of magnets clicking together provides instant gratification, further motivating kids to explore and build. With no fixed connectors or specific guidelines, magnetic building blocks empower children with endless building options, ensuring that each creation is as unique as the young architect behind it. This open-ended play promotes cognitive development, spatial understanding, and fine motor skills, all while providing hours of imaginative fun.