Manticore Megazord

Feedsee Toys : Manticore Megazord : Power Rangers Phoenix Zord and Lion Zord morph together into the most powerful Megazord

ManticoreFive teenage heroes entrusted with mystical powers defend Earth as the Power Rangers Mystic Force. Now, kids can create their own adventures with action figure that combines two toys in one. When evil strikes, the included Phoenix Zord and Lion Zord automatically morph together into the most powerful Megazord of all -- the Manticore Megazord. With the Manticore Megazord fighting for the Power Rangers, the villanous Korragg and Imperious will soon be on the run. Ages 4 and up.

The appeal of Power Rangers action figures lies in their vibrant representation of the iconic television heroes that have captivated audiences for decades. Each figure embodies the essence of its respective Ranger, complete with signature costumes, weapons, and sometimes even the ability to morph or combine with other figures to form larger, more powerful entities. Children are drawn to these figures as they allow them to recreate epic battles, dramatic transformations, and heroic team-ups right in their living rooms. The diverse team of Rangers, each with their unique powers and personalities, promotes inclusivity and teamwork. Additionally, the ever-evolving storyline of the Power Rangers series introduces new characters and themes, ensuring that the action figure line remains fresh and relevant for new generations. For many, these figures are not just toys but a gateway to a universe of adventure, imagination, and values like friendship, courage, and justice.