Moon Shoes

Feedsee Toys : Moon Shoes : Trampolines for your feet

Moon ShoesMoon shoes are the original mini trampolines made for feet so kids can jump with anti-gravity effect. They help to develop balance and coordination, but much care should be taken, especially on hard surfaces. Moon Shoes are made of high-density plastic, adjustable nylon straps with sure-footing, and non-skid treads. They fit up to size nine men's shoes and hold a maximum total weight of 180 pounds. Foot-sized trampolines put pogo stick bounce in your step.

Pogo Sticks

Pogo sticks are a classic outdoor toy that has captivated generations of enthusiasts, offering a unique blend of fun, exercise, and challenge. Originating in the early 20th century, this simple device consists of a pole with handles at the top and footrests near the bottom, all mounted on a spring. Users stand on the footrests and jump, using the spring's compression and release to propel themselves off the ground. Over the years, pogo sticks have evolved from basic wooden models to sophisticated designs made of durable metals and featuring enhanced springs or even pneumatic systems for higher jumps. Beyond mere recreation, pogo sticking has grown into an extreme sport, with athletes performing incredible tricks and setting world records for height and consecutive jumps. For many, the pogo stick remains a symbol of childhood joy and a testament to the human spirit's boundless energy and playfulness.