Nerf Hoops

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Nerf HoopsKids can bring home the fun of the AND 1 Mix Tape Tour, the world's premiere traveling basketball event, with the Nerf Showtime Hoops System. With interactive game play voiced by AND 1 Mix Tape Tour emcee Duke Tango, the gaming system is programmed with ten different playground hoop games, such as Horse and 21. Including speakers and a plug to connect an MP3 or CD player, the hip hop interactive basketball gaming system comes complete with a junior size basketball, a basketball hoop, and an adjustable backboard. Ages 8 and up.

Nerf Balls

Since their introduction in the late 1960s, Nerf balls have become an iconic symbol of safe, indoor play. Originally marketed as the "world's first official indoor ball," the Nerf ball's unique foam construction ensured that it could be thrown or kicked without causing damage to household items or injury to players. This innovative design tapped into a previously unmet need for indoor sports and play activities, especially during inclement weather or in confined spaces. The ball's soft texture, vibrant colors, and adaptability to various games quickly made it a household favorite. Over the years, the Nerf brand expanded its product line, but the original Nerf ball remains a testament to the brand's commitment to providing fun, safe, and engaging toys. Its wild success set the stage for the plethora of foam-based toys and sports equipment that would follow, solidifying Nerf's legacy in the annals of toy history.