Blue Man Group Percussion Tubes

Feedsee Toys : Blue Man Group Percussion Tubes : Interactive musical tubes that use proximity sensor technology

Percussion TubesInspired by the Blue Man Group's innovative stage show and unique PVC instruments, the Percussion Tubes feature interactive tubes that use proximity sensor technology. Kids manipulate pre-programmed songs or music from their iPods or MP3 players with a simple wave of their hands, then record and play back their new musical masterpieces. The result is music interaction like never before. Ages 8 and up.

Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group is an avant-garde performance art troupe known for its unique blend of music, comedy, and multimedia elements. Founded in the late 1980s by Chris Wink, Matt Goldman, and Phil Stanton, the group features performers in blue bald caps and matching face paint, creating a uniform and anonymous appearance. Without speaking a word, the Blue Men communicate through expressive gestures, rhythmic drumming, and innovative musical instruments. Their shows often incorporate audience interaction, technology, and commentary on modern culture. Over the years, Blue Man Group has become a global phenomenon, with permanent theatrical productions in various cities worldwide and numerous tours, albums, and television appearances.