Pixel Chix Love to Shop Mall

Feedsee Toys : Pixel Chix Love to Shop Mall : Connect up all four pixel chicks electronic toy stores - salon, pet shop, boutique, and food court

Pixel Chix MallGet a job, play with friends, and connect up all four stores. Now your Pixel Chix gal can shop and hang out at the Pixel Chix Love to Shop Mall. This mall comes with a flip screen allowing your Pixel Chix gal to move between the shops for double the fun. There are two malls, each with two play shops - a boutique/food court and a salon/pet shop. Seven different input buttons allow for interactive play including new work, money, and shop buttons - the more your Pixel Chix gal works, the more money she has to spend on all the cool things in the mall. Girls can connect both malls together so that their Pixel Chicks girlfriends can hang out or shop together. The house and the car can also connect to the mall too. The toy mall closes up into an adorable handbag shaped case so girls can take it on the go.

Teenagers and Malls: A Modern Social Ritual

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