Pokemon Ranger

Feedsee Toys : Pokemon Ranger : Instead of capturing and training Pokemon, you protect them and help them survive in the wild

Pokemon RangerPokemon Ranger is a different kind of Pokemon game. You still capture and train Pokemon, but not for competition. Instead, you're working to protect them as Pokemon rangers and help them survive in the wild. Circle Pokemon with the DS stylus to capture Pokemon. Use each Pokemon's abilities to clear obstacles and complete missions. The DS game is compatible with Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

"Pokémon Ranger" is an action role-playing game developed for the Nintendo DS, offering a unique gameplay experience within the Pokémon universe. Instead of the traditional Pokémon battling and capturing mechanics, players take on the role of a Pokémon Ranger in the Fiore region. Rangers work alongside Pokémon rather than capturing them in Poké Balls. Using a device called the "Capture Styler," players draw loops around Pokémon to befriend and use their abilities temporarily. The game's storyline revolves around the player's journey to thwart the plans of the Go-Rock Squad, a group that misuses Pokémon for their nefarious purposes. The touch screen of the Nintendo DS is heavily utilized, providing an interactive and immersive gameplay experience as players "capture" Pokémon by drawing circles around them. The game emphasizes teamwork, strategy, and the bond between the Ranger and Pokémon, offering a fresh perspective on the Pokémon world.