Hot Wheels Radar Gun

Feedsee Toys : Hot Wheels Radar Gun : Handheld speed measurement for children from Hotwheels

Radar GunJust like they read speeds at racetracks, now you can read the speed of your favorite Hot Wheels racing vehicles. With simple point-and-read real-life styling and super-cool graphics. Measure speed with a handheld device. The Hotwheels radar speed gun comes in a sleek red and silver design.

A radar gun is a device used by law enforcement to measure the speed of moving objects. It works by emitting a radio wave and measuring the time it takes for the radio wave to bounce off the moving object and return to the radar gun. Based on this time measurement, the radar gun can calculate the speed of the object.

Radar guns are commonly used by police officers to enforce speed limits on roads and highways. They can also be used to measure the speed of objects in sports, such as in baseball to measure the speed of a pitch or in car racing to measure the speed of a vehicle.