RC Motor Scooter

Feedsee Toys : RC Motor Scooter : Bratz Kidz radio-controlled toy with Yasmin

RC Motor ScooterEvery day's an adventure for the kids with a passion for fun. And when you do the driving, this Bratz Kidz Radio Controlled Motor Scooter is an adventure for you too. Includes Bratz Kidz Radio Controlled Motor Scooter, 27-MHz remote control, and Bratz Kidz Yasmin doll with exclusive fashion accessories and helmet.

The 27-MHz radio band has been a staple frequency for remote-controlled (RC) toys and devices for many years. This specific frequency band is chosen because it offers a balance between range and interference resistance, especially in environments where other electronic devices might be in use. The 27-MHz band is divided into specific channels, allowing multiple RC devices to operate simultaneously without interfering with each other, provided they are on different channels. This has made it a popular choice for RC cars, boats, and other toys. However, as technology has advanced, many modern RC devices have started to shift towards 2.4 GHz due to its ability to handle more channels and its increased resistance to interference. Nonetheless, the 27-MHz band remains a reliable and time-tested choice for many remote control applications.