Feedsee Toys : Roboreptile : Robo reptile is a robotic fusion of technology and personality from WowWee Toys

RoboreptileRoboreptile uses advanced technology for greater intelligence. He can be programmed with movements and animations and is packed with personality. Roboreptile's powerful infrared vision and sonic sensors swiftly alert him to disturbances in his environment. In Guard Mode they make him a formidable sentry. In Free Roam his sharp sensory systems make him a ruthless predator. Roboreptile can be extremely hostile or harmless, alert or asleep. He has four moods aggressive, ferocious, passive or tammed. Can be controlled directly, programmed or put into Free Roam, Demo Mode, Guard Mode or Sleep Mode. Uses a combination of dynamic robotic animations and advanced interactive technologies. Multi-sensory environmental awareness, including infra-red vision sensors, sonic sensors and touch sensors. Realistic biomorphic movements (four-legged walking and high speed two-legged running). Flexible neck, snapping jaws and whipping tail. Auto shut-off function.

Reptiles, with their unique appearance and behaviors, have always held a special allure for young people. Their scaly skin, intriguing patterns, and often mysterious nature make them vastly different from the common pets children encounter, like cats or dogs. This difference sparks curiosity. For many children, reptiles such as snakes, lizards, and turtles represent miniature dinosaurs, bringing prehistoric worlds to life. The diverse range of colors, sizes, and habitats of reptiles further adds to their appeal. Additionally, caring for a reptile can be an educational experience, teaching children about different ecosystems, dietary needs, and the importance of maintaining a stable environment. The challenge of understanding and caring for such a unique creature can be a source of pride. Moreover, in popular culture, reptiles often play roles in movies, cartoons, and books, further fueling children's fascination with these captivating creatures.