Power Rangers Root Core Command Center

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RootcoreThe Mystic Tower Playset has two play modes: tower and train. The playset comes packed with tons of action features including missile firing, cycle launching and zip lining, plus unique lights and sounds. Use the included vehicle launcher by attaching Power Rangers Mystic Force vehicles and cycles to it, then watch them race away from the Tower to fight evil.

Power Ranger toys have captivated the imaginations of children for decades, symbolizing heroism, teamwork, and adventure. Rooted in the popular television series, these toys allow children to recreate epic battles, morphing sequences, and team-up scenarios, offering a tangible connection to their favorite characters and episodes. The diverse range of Rangers, each with their unique powers, weapons, and Zords, provides a rich tapestry for imaginative play. Children can identify with different Rangers, embracing values such as loyalty, bravery, and friendship. The vibrant colors, intricate designs, and transformation mechanisms of the toys add to their appeal. Moreover, as the Power Rangers universe has evolved over the years, introducing new teams, villains, and stories, the toy line has expanded, ensuring its continued relevance and allure for new generations of fans.