Shake and Go Speedway

Feedsee Toys : Shake and Go Speedway : Shake Go Racers raceway playset from Fisher Price

Shake GoThe Shake and Go Speedway is a toy racetrack for children that comes with two Shake and Go cars, an infrared start/finish sensor, start gates, and an LED lap counter. Kids can shake up the cars and watch them go. As your car makes its way around the track, you'll hear different phrases from an announcer who gives you the play-by-play. With infrared sensing, the winner will be acknowledged by the track announcer. For even more fun, add Shake and Go Offroad.

Infrared sensors have revolutionized the way racetrack playsets function, adding a layer of interactivity and precision to the racing experience. These sensors work by emitting infrared light, which, when interrupted by a passing toy car or object, sends a signal to a receiver. This technology can be strategically placed at the start and finish lines of a racetrack playset. When a race begins, the sensor at the start line can detect the exact moment a car begins its journey, ensuring a fair and precise start. Similarly, as cars approach the finish line, the infrared sensor can accurately determine the order in which they finish, even in extremely close races. This not only enhances the play experience by providing accurate race results but also introduces children to basic concepts of technology and physics in a fun and engaging manner.