Shimmering Lights Ariel

Feedsee Toys : Shimmering Lights Ariel : Disney Princess Little Mermail doll with sparkling glitter tail

Shimmering ArielThe beautiful Shimmering Lights Ariel doll has fabric fins and a sparkly clear tail, filled with water and glitter. With a simple press of a button on the back of the doll, color-changing lights illuminate the water and glitter to create a sparkling effect. Ariel is known throughout the undersea world for her beautiful voice, and Shimmering Lights Ariel doll says phrases and sounds. Great fantasy fun in the water and out. However, many report problems putting the doll in the water, so it is better not to submerge it. Instead, get the Little Mermaid Prince Eric Doll and keep them both dry in his chariot. Your Ariel doll will love riding in this special chariot with handsome Prince Eric. The chariot has a shell-shaped seat large enough for Ariel and Prince Eric to sit side-by-side, and when you push the chariot, it looks like it's being pulled by three large swimming dolphins. Festive music plays as lights brighten up the top of Ariel's seat.

Ariel and Prince Eric's Story

Ariel, a young and curious mermaid princess, becomes infatuated with the human world after she saves Prince Eric, a handsome human prince, from a shipwreck. Despite warnings from her father, King Triton, Ariel makes a dangerous deal with the sea witch Ursula to become human for three days in exchange for her voice. To remain human permanently, Ariel must receive a "true love's kiss" from Eric before the three days end. As Ariel and Eric grow closer, Ursula intervenes, using Ariel's voice to enchant Eric. In a climactic battle, Ursula's plans are thwarted, and Ariel's voice is restored. With her father's blessing, Ariel becomes human permanently, and she and Eric live happily ever after.