Sing and Spin Pablo

Feedsee Toys : Sing and Spin Pablo : Nick Junior Backyardigans plush doll

Sing and Spin PabloBackyard Friend Pablo is a plush toy that encourages kids to dance along with interactive phrases. The singing, dancing, and chatting toy offers hours of entertainment with two modes of play. Squeeze Pablo's right hand to see Pablo sing The Backyardigans theme song and perform the dance from the show. Squeeze the left hand to hear interactive phrases and see dance moves. The Backyardigans is Nick Jr.'s animated show that features five preschoolers, whose vivid imaginations turn their backyard into a song and dance extravaganza. Share in the fun and embark on the adventures with this Sing and Spin Pablo plush.

Pablo is one of the main characters from the popular animated children's show "Backyardigans" that aired on Nick Jr. He is a blue penguin known for his blue bowtie and propeller beanie hat. Energetic and enthusiastic, Pablo often dives into the group's adventures with unbridled excitement, sometimes leading him to act before he thinks. He has a tendency to become overly anxious or worried about certain situations, but his friends are always there to support and guide him. Pablo's vivid imagination, along with that of his friends, transforms their backyard into various adventure settings in each episode, from jungles to castles, where they sing and dance their way through captivating stories.