Sing Around the World Dora Doll

Feedsee Toys : Sing Around the World Dora Doll : Explorer adventure figure says goodbye in four languages

Sing World DoraDecorated with four international flag patches that talk when pressed, this Dora doll teaches your little one how to say hello and goodbye in four different languages. Squeeze her hand and she sings the Friendship song that plays in the World Adventures episode. Includes four wearable friendship bracelets from each country.

Dora the Explorer plays a pivotal role in promoting multicultural appreciation among its young viewers. The show's protagonist, Dora, is a young Latina girl who embarks on various adventures with her talking backpack and monkey friend, Boots. Throughout their journeys, Dora introduces viewers to Spanish words and phrases, seamlessly integrating bilingual education into the storyline. The incorporation of Spanish language not only aids in language acquisition but also fosters an appreciation for Hispanic culture. Additionally, the show often celebrates various Latin American traditions, festivals, and customs, providing children with a broader understanding of the world around them. By presenting diverse characters and cultural elements in a positive and engaging manner, Dora instills values of inclusivity, respect, and curiosity in its audience.