Soda Pop Girls

Feedsee Toys : Soda Pop Girls : Dolls with outfits, hairbrushes, headbands, purses with lip gloss, and pets with bow and necklace

Soda Pop GirlsDolls as sweet as they smell. Figure comes with a scented pet, hair brush, and strawberry lip gloss. Collect them all for an assortment of spectacular scents. Each doll has her own unique flavor for fashion. Each doll comes with her own outfit, hairbrush, outfit, headband, purse with lip gloss, and each pet has its own bow and necklace. Dolls and pets come in cherry, bubble gum, vanilla, melon, orange, honey, coconut, and popcorn. Pets include a bunny, monkey, husky, and poodle.

Soda Pop Girls offer a delightful sensory experience that goes beyond the typical play of traditional dolls. Each doll, representing a distinct flavor, is infused with a corresponding scent, making playtime a multi-sensory adventure. Children are not only captivated by the vibrant designs and colors of the dolls but are also drawn to the tantalizing aromas of cherry, bubble gum, vanilla, and more. This unique combination allows kids to associate specific characters with particular scents, adding depth to their imaginative play. Moreover, the variety of flavors ensures that there's a Soda Pop Girl for every preference, encouraging collectibility. Whether hosting a scented tea party or embarking on flavor-themed adventures, the Soda Pop Girls provide an immersive play experience that tantalizes the senses and sparks creativity.