Tekno Robotic Dog

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TeknoClassic robotic pooch returns with new design, software, and features. Expressive ear and eye movement and new and improved walking animation. Head moves, tail wags, and he walks forward, back, right and left. Remote control dog bone makes it easy to program his tricks. This playful pup expresses his moods through light-up eyes and body language. His ears and eyes will let you know how he's feeling. Tekno Puppy reacts to sound, sight and touch, and obeys several radio-controlled commands. Improved walking animation gives him smooth, lifelike movement.

Robotic puppies have become a modern marvel in the world of toys, capturing the hearts of children and adults alike. These electronic companions combine the allure of a pet with the innovation of technology. For many, the appeal lies in the puppy's lifelike behaviors, from barking and wagging its tail to responding to voice commands and touch. Without the responsibilities of a real pet, such as feeding or cleaning up, robotic puppies offer a hassle-free experience. They're especially ideal for families with allergies, space constraints, or those who aren't ready for the commitment of a real dog. Additionally, these puppies often come with interactive features, such as learning tricks or navigating obstacles, which provide both entertainment and educational value. The fusion of technology with the timeless love for puppies makes robotic puppies a delightful blend of nostalgia and innovation, offering a unique bonding experience that transcends generations.