Little Mommy Play All Day Toddler Doll

Feedsee Toys : Little Mommy Play All Day Toddler Doll : Realistic doll sings, makes sounds, moves, and says over thirty phrases.

Little Mommy DollGirls will love caring for, nurturing and playing with their very own toddler. She is the only realistic playmate girls will adore spending time with while making discoveries. She sings, makes sounds, moves and says over 30 phrases. Includes snack play accessories like peanut butter and jelly sandwich and milk inspired by real Fisher-Price products. When you play with the Play All Day Toddler doll and Play All Day Activity Center together, she reacts with adorable sounds and arm movements, engaging with playset for fun simple surprise play.

Children are naturally drawn to caring for their dolls because it allows them to emulate the nurturing behaviors they observe in adults around them, especially their primary caregivers. Playing with dolls provides children with an opportunity to practice empathy, compassion, and responsibility. It allows them to step into a caregiving role, fostering a sense of empowerment and competence. This role-playing also aids in the development of social skills, as children often converse with their dolls, comfort them, and even create intricate stories around them. Additionally, caring for dolls can be a way for children to process and understand their own experiences of being cared for. It gives them a sense of control in a world where they are often the ones being looked after. Moreover, the repetitive acts of feeding, dressing, and putting dolls to sleep can be soothing and provide a sense of routine. Overall, the act of caring for dolls taps into a child's innate desire to nurture, while also promoting emotional and social development.