Turbo Tail Tigger

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Turbo TiggerKids are going to love seeing what Tigger can do. To start the fun, kids just press his hand and watch as Tigger bounces high on his coiled-up tail. A musical track plays and adds to the fun while kids get to hear fun phrases from Tigger and wacky sound effects as he amazes with his super bouncing skills. Kids will have a great time with this energetic Tigger. Simply press his hand to start him on his bouncing adventures. Bouncing Tigger also features fun character phrases and sound effects.

Tigger, the exuberant tiger from A.A. Milne's "Winnie the Pooh" stories, has been a beloved character for generations of children. One of the primary reasons for Tigger's enduring popularity is his boundless energy and optimism. His signature phrase, "The wonderful thing about Tiggers is Tiggers are wonderful things!", encapsulates his cheerful and confident personality. Tigger's bouncy nature, both literally and figuratively, resonates with children's innate love for play and movement. His playful antics, infectious laughter, and tendency to get into amusing predicaments make him both relatable and entertaining to young audiences. Additionally, Tigger's unwavering self-belief and his encouragement for others to embrace their unique qualities teach children the value of self-acceptance and the joy of being oneself. His interactions with other characters in the Hundred Acre Wood, especially his endearing friendship with Roo, highlight themes of friendship, loyalty, and understanding. Tigger's colorful stripes, expressive face, and springy tail further enhance his visual appeal to children. In essence, Tigger embodies the joy, curiosity, and boundless spirit of childhood, making him a timeless favorite among young fans.