Feedsee Toys : Vmigo : Virtual pet handheld console and TV docking system

VmigoHandheld virtual pet game is portable and docks into the console so you can play on television. Pick a portable pet and take him with you. Personalize your electronic pet, teach him tricks, and connect to other Vmigo pets via infrared technology. With your Vmigo, share tricks and collected items, enjoy two-player games, swap pictures and messages. Choose from three interactive virtual pets: Golden Retriever, Yorkshire Terrier, and German Shepherd.

The Vmigo virtual pet system was an innovative electronic toy introduced by Jakks Pacific in the mid-2000s. Vmigo offered a unique twist on the virtual pet concept that was popularized by toys like Tamagotchi.

The Vmigo system consisted of a handheld device and a console that connected to your TV. The handheld device functioned as both a controller and a portable virtual pet. You could take care of your pet by feeding it, playing games with it, and even training it.

When connected to the TV console, the experience became more immersive. Your pet would appear on the TV screen in a larger, more detailed form and interact with its environment. You could walk your pet around different locations, meet other pets, and even participate in challenges and competitions.

The Vmigo system came with a variety of different pets you could choose, including dogs and cats of different breeds. Each pet had its own needs and personality, adding an extra layer of depth to the pet care aspect of the game.

Vmigo is no longer in production. However, it remains a unique and innovative take on the virtual pet genre, blending elements of video games and traditional pet care toys to create an engaging and interactive experience.