Wii Console

Feedsee Toys : Wii Console : Next generation game console from Nintendo sports intuitive controls to compete in games through physical motion

WiiThe evolution of videogames begins in November with the Nintendo Wii videogame console. Featuring a compact design that easily connects to any television, Wii is ready to become part of every family's home entertainment system. New, intuitive controls challenge everyone to compete in any game through physical motion. And, as an added bonus, the system is backwards compatible with Nintendo GameCube and offers players downloadable access to 20 years of favorite titles originally released for Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo and the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Ages 5 and up.

The Wii is known for

  1. Motion controls: The Wii introduced a new form of interaction with its motion-sensing Wiimote, allowing players to swing, tilt, and point the controller to perform in-game actions, which was revolutionary at the time.
  2. Family-friendly gaming: The Wii targeted a broader demographic than that of the typical gaming consoles of its era. Its games often emphasized simplicity and accessibility, encouraging family-friendly and multi-generation gaming.
  3. Wii Sports: Included with the console, "Wii Sports" became a sensation for its fun and intuitive use of the Wii's motion controls in sports games like tennis, bowling, and golf.
  4. Wii Fit: This popular fitness game, which used a special Wii Balance Board accessory, brought a new focus on health and exercise to the video game industry.
  5. Virtual Console: The Wii's Virtual Console service allowed players to download and play classic games from a variety of previous systems and third-party publishers.