Bratz Ice Champions Winter Lodge

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Winter LodgeEnjoy a snowy day by being snowed in with the Bratz dolls and the Wintertime Ski Lodge. While the weather outside is frightful (the snow machine makes, scatters, and vacuums real snow), the six styling rooms are delightful. Dollhouse rooms include a beauty bedroom, balcony, ski lift, ski slope, jacuzzi, and lounging room. Detachable rooms let you rearrange the chalet, creating a new adventure every time.

Bratz Dolls are a collection of fashion dolls first introduced by MGA Entertainment in 2001. The dolls quickly gained popularity among young girls due to their edgy, urban style and emphasis on fashion and beauty. Each doll features exaggerated features, such as large eyes, lips, and feet, as well as unique fashion accessories and clothing.

While the dolls were initially a hit with young girls, they also sparked controversy over their provocative outfits and heavy makeup. Critics accused the dolls of promoting a sexualized image of young girls, and several retailers refused to carry them. Despite the controversy, Bratz Dolls remained popular throughout the early 2000s and spawned a number of spin-off products, including movies, video games, and clothing lines.

In recent years, Bratz Dolls have experienced a resurgence in popularity among nostalgic millennials and collectors. MGA Entertainment has also released new versions of the dolls with updated fashion and accessories, as well as a focus on diversity and inclusivity.