Feedsee Transportation : New Taxi Design : Enhanced comfort, safety, and accessibility

Woman in a TaxiWhile the typical taxi fleet vehicle is a retrofit of a mass-market passenger model, the Standard Taxi was built from the ground up only to be a taxi. The new taxi design saves taxi owners and operators money by offering a vehicle that not only retails at a price competitive with taxicab vehicles currently in operation, but also minimizes service and repair costs. Many of the taxi's exterior panels are interchangeable, minimizing service and collision repair costs. Parts such as head lights, tail lights, tires, brakes, exhaust, oil filter, and air filter are readily available at regional retail parts suppliers. The easy-to-maintain interior also is a cost saving. Finally, the vehicle's unpainted primer finish allows taxi companies to customize paint work locally and inexpensively so that they can comply with local taxi color scheme regulations.