Feedsee Wine : Sustainable Winegrowing : Green practices sensitive to the environment and society at large on the increase in California

The California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance reports a 24 percent increase since 2004 in the number of California wineries and vineyard businesses working to adopt practices that are sensitive to the environment and society at large. Winegrowers increased their performance for 31 of 38 pest management criteria by nearly eight percent. The second edition of a best management practices self-assessment workbook is now being released. Growers and vintners assess and report their viticultural and wine production practices, using fourteen workbook chapters of 227 types of sustainable practices. The program provides participants confidential, customized reports to compare their practices with regional and statewide results in order to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement. "As farmers and landowners, we love the land and are ever mindful of environmental impacts. Exhausted soils and misuse of the land and waters contribute to less productive vineyards. Environmental stewardship comes naturally because it makes sense for our business, for our family, and for our community," said Randy Lange of LangeTwins Wine Estates.