Feedsee Wireless : RF Switch : Radio frequency wireless switch consolidates Wi-Fi, RFID, 802.11n, mesh, VoWLAN, and WiMAX

RF Switch

The RFS7000 RF Switch from Symbol supports and consolidates Wi-Fi and emerging RF technologies such as RFID, 802.11n, mesh, Voice over Wireless LAN (VoWLAN) and WiMAX in order to deploy and centrally manage wireless voice, data, and infrastructure devices throughout the RF spectrum. The RF switch provides scalable support for enterprise mobility, and is ideal for manufacturing facilities, hospitals, warehouse and supply chain industries, educational and government institutions, and service providers with high-bandwidth requirements. The switch leverages a modular Wi-NG-based architecture, running on a Linux operating system that provides separation between infrastructure, services, application, and management layers. 802.11n-ready, it supports up to 256 802.11a/b/g access ports, and enables a new switch clustering concept, providing redundancy and high-performance scalability for more than two thousand access points.