Feedsee Internet : Australia IPTV : MPEG-4 broadcast TV, video-on-demand, games, music, and high-speed Internet from the same platform


Kasenna PortalTV has been chosen to deliver IPTV services for Regional Internet Australia (RIA). The MPEG-4 IPTV roll-out integrates the Portal TV solution into the IPTV delivery platform that has been developed for the project. The initial roll-out will provide Broadcast IPTV and advanced VOD services in addition to high-speed Internet to about 20,000 subscribers in two regional cities, Townsville and Cairns in Northern Queensland. Australian RIA consumers will be able to enjoy advanced IPTV services such as broadcast television, video-on-demand, games, music and other value-added services, in addition to high-speed Internet, all from the same delivery platform. PortalTV is built on a standards-based web services platform, enabling service providers to rapidly deploy IPTV services for immediate revenue generation while positioning them for Internet video content delivery.